Mauvin Model Boat Shop

Admiralty Bay 
Bequia - St Vincent & The Grenadines



ShopfrontTraditional Bequia model boats, known and raced as 'gumboats' in their own annual regatta, created with patience and dedication and faithful in every detail to their larger counterparts. 
Sailors will appreciate their realism. 
A model boat can teach a child a great deal about sailing and is exciting but innocent fun.

Mauvin working on a model boat As a decorative ornament for home or office, your model boat is sure to provide a talking point. 

You'll find Mauvin two minutes' walk west of the Customs and Immigration offices, next to R.M.S. Internet Caf, in Port Elizabeth on Admiralty Bay in Bequia, part of the Caribbean island group called St. Vincent & the Grenadines.


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