New York Bar sign





Front of bar

When you've finished checking in with Customs and Immigration, and on your way to R.M.S, the Internet Caf, to let everyone know you've arrived safely in Bequia, why not stop off and clear the taste of salt from your lips with an ice-cold drink?

Rony the barmaid

After all, everyone needs refreshing from time to time, or is the lovely Rony (seen here using her right arm for it's proper purpose)  just working on quality control?!  
You'll meet plenty of interesting people if you choose your time of day, or have the place almost to yourself, if you time it right, although usually not for long... 

The notice board


If  you're in the mood for edification there's plenty to read on the board and elsewhere on the walls, too. 

Young man who helps out

You will also find this young man willing to abandon his perusal of the local newspaper and dig you another cold drink out of the refrigerator at any time although he doesn't much enjoy being photographed!

Clients in bar

This is a place where you'll meet locals and other visitors, enjoying a break from shopping in the marketplace almost opposite,  sinking a cold drink and a couple of hard-boiled eggs during a morning break or unwinding over sundowners. 


Come in at any time and you'll be made welcome, that's for sure!


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