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Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less

  Whether you're a Twitter newbie yourself or you have friends who are reluctant to join you on Twitter because they are afraid they won't be able to work out how it all goes, @twittaroid's 'Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less' is a very handy guide in .pdf format, is absolutely FREE to download and I am very happy for you to share it with anyone and everyone and, likewise, you are very welcome to share a link to this page if you feel it might be helpful to anyone, whether your friends intend to follow me or not although, obviously, I'd love to meet them :)


  Whilst some of the people you follow may only tweet once or twice a day, or even less, others, like me for example, will be tweeting a great deal more. On the Twitter interface this can mean that you have to wade through great swathes of tweets that are of no interest to you in order to reach the tweets you want to read. There are various other ways to see ones tweets.

As a PC user, I find TweetDeck the best way to manage my tweets. Having downloaded the free software, you will find an interface which divides your tweets into columns. From the start you will be able to view tweets aimed directly at you (by having your @name at the beginning) or that include your @name in them, all in one column, the general stream of tweets, including those you have sent in another column, DMs (Direct Messages - private tweets to and from individuals) in another, Favourites and so on.


TweetDeck helps you manage your tweets!



An excellent and ongoing blog with an FAQ format was recommended by@Paulina1 at
Another beloved neighbor of the Twitterhood, @mayhemstudios, tweeted a link to this excellent article: Here's a very nice video tutorial for TweetDeck by@johnhaydon and recommended by @pamjoy
ARTICLES As I find them I will include links to related articles on this page too. So far, this is the best I have come across on the subject of organizing tweets, although I have to say that I don't filter my tweets except by 'All Friends', '@replies', a group I created with myself as the only person in it, called 'My Tweets' (to help me discover what people might be referring to in their delayed replies) and 'Direct Messages' so I don't have personal experience of following this advice, although I can see the advantages that might exist in grouping people according to shared interests. This webpage allows one to tweet and read tweets on a simple web interface but not quite as simplistic as Twitter's own. With built-in auto-refresh, search, Twitter trends & hashtags it allows you to view a user bio, location & URL inline with tweets, includes threaded conversations with "in reply to" links, a URL shortener and a TwitPic uploader.


A great many people in the Twitter community are Mac users and need different applications to those which I use. This one comes highly recommended.

To quote the developer: "Twitterrific is a fun application that lets you both read and publish posts or "tweets" to the Twitter community website. The application's user interface is clean, concise and designed to take up a minimum of real estate on your Mac's desktop. " You can also get Twitterific for iPhone and iPod touch through the same website which you will find at:


Tweet Management for MAC

Twhirl twhirl is a social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform, which runs on both Windows (2000/XP/Vista) and Mac OSX There are a lot of things twhirl can do to improve your twitter experience, according to various tweeters in the Twitterhood and it "offers various configuration options to adapt to your personal needs" according to the website.@chrysalisceo was kind enough to tell me that it is possible to use Twhirl with more than one Twitter account at the same time which could be very useful for anyone running separate business and personal Twitter accounts, for example.
Tweetie Since I don't have an iPhone I must rely on a great number of recommendations from users of this very popular tweet management app who say it is user-friendly, useful and loaded with great features. If anyone cares to elaborate I will be glad to add the information here.
OutTwit To quote the website: "If you are a Microsoft ® Outlook ® user, you probably have it open all the time. Now you can update your Twitter status and follow your friends without having to open any other applications. OutTwit seamlessly integrates Twitter into Outlook."
TwitterMail When you give them your Twitter credentials they supply you with a TwitterMail email address. (e.g. abcdef1234 @ twittermail. com). If you send an email to that address it will be posted to and, if you make a donation you can also get some premium features.
Twalala To quote the website: "Get ready to take control of your twitterstream. twalala is a client for Twitter that allows you to control what you see, and more importantly, what you don't see in your twitterstream. Using twalala, you can filter tweets out of your stream by keywords and phrases or mute individuals who get a bit too chatty. Finally, Twitter with a mute button."

This is not an app I have tried since I wouldn't want to be unaware of what people I follow are saying and doing but I can imagine some of my followers finding it very handy as a way to shut me up for a while! LOL

TwitterSnooze Written by @andrewparker TwitterSnooze allows you to "Hit the snooze button on your 'verbose Twitter friends" for between 1 and 30 days. To quote the website: "It's a good tool to avoid a blast of tweets from a conference you are not attending... just snooze the conference goers for a few days. It's a nice way to get back at someone for saying something stupid... give them the silent treatment ;) It's a good way to ignore someone that just flooded your timeline for no good reason... but it was just a one-time offence and doesn't merit permanent unfollowing.

As Dave Winer points out, TwitterSnooze is not ideal because when a person is unsnoozed, Twitter will send them an email alerting that person that you are now following them again. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the only way I know to implement a "Snooze" feature (by unfollowing and then re-following a user) given the current API. If you don't like your snoozers getting alert emails, then TwitterSnooze is not for you.
Security Note: TwitterSnooze stores passwords on the DB. TwitterSnooze deletes all passwords once they are no longer needed, but if the idea of your password being stored on this server makes you squeamish, then TwitterSnooze is not for you."

TwitBlocker To quote the website: "Are you being overwhelmed by twitter friends who can't stop talking, but they're like... still your friends? Install TwitBlocker (a greasmonkey script) and then double clicking chattering peeps will temporarily remove their tweets from your timeline. Restart your browser to get them back. Simple eh? It works a bit like Twittersnooze or Twalala, but you don't have to give someone you don't know your password, which is an entirely bad idea, generally speaking."


What nobody told me at the start was that Twitter limits the number of people you can initially follow, usually to 2000, until the number of people who follow you catches up i.e. the ideal ratio is 1:1 so it is probably not a good idea to follow too many more people than are following you. I ended up having to un-follow people in order to be able to follow people back as they became neighbors and neighbors of the Twitterhood (sorry, I have an aversion to the concept of 'followers'!). Something tells me that, otherwise, most people would not want to wait until the numbers finally caught up to have a conversation with one and would un-follow eventually, so that the ratio never would make it to 1:1!

At this point I am going to nail my colours to the mast. There are as many ways to think about and use Twitter as there are people with imaginations and nobody is 'right' or 'wrong' about what is best. I have read perfectly logical-sounding blog posts about how one should follow only a chosen few and let the rest of one's followers be hangers-on, about how one should manipulate the system by 'gaming' Twitter to create a large following rapidly and so on. I don't actually give a hoot what anybody else says or does about this topic and I don't have to. That's the joy of Twitter!

My own philosophy is that I follow very few people who don't follow me back, for news or because they are so amusing I can't bear to abandon them. Everyone else I expect to have two-way traffic with, barring a tiny handful whom I really don't want to follow but I don't mind their following me if they want to. I don't agree that large numbers become impossible to communicate with since, at any given moment one is not communicating with everyone anyway.


MyTweeple is a reasonably useful website that synchronises with Twitter and then lets you know which of your follows are mutual, who you are following that is not following you and who is following you that you are not following back. The first time you use MyTweeple, depending on how many people you are connected with, it may take quite a while to load. You will find MyTweeple at: Who are you following that's not following you back? Who's following you that you're not following back? Find out with this amusing and simple-to-use interface! I didn't initially find it as helpful as MyTweeple but we all like to do things in different ways and lots of tweeple in the Twitterhood recommended it. In time I found it easier to use this application than MyTweeple although one sometimes has to get it to process information a second time before the results are correct. I now use it daily:


When you want to share a tweet with everyone who follows you, all you have to do is type RT at the beginning of the message and tweet it. In the same way, you will receive tweets that have been forwarded to everyone by people you are following.

When you see RT at the beginning of a tweet and want to respond to it, make sure you respond to the original tweeter e.g.: "@linnetwoods RT @name: Get a free SEO e-book" means that I have forwarded @name's tweet and, if you want the free e-book, you will need to tweet @name, not me!

If you want something re-tweeted, remember to keep it short because, in addition to your message, the tweet will have to contain RT and your @name so people know who to respond to (or at least who put the original tweet out). If you want something re-tweeted, say so by adding Pls RT or something similar at the end. Try to reserve requests for re-tweets for things that really matter.

I tend to automatically re-tweet, unasked, if I think a tweet is particularly important, or of interest, to enough people in the Twitterhood. Just because I don't re-tweet something of yours, it doesn't mean I thought less of it. I may have already re-tweeted a number of times and not want to bombard everyone or it may have slipped past me at a busy time. If it is really important, feel free to send your tweet directly to me, by putting @linnetwoods at the beginning of it, or even as a DM (Direct Message), to make sure I see it.

Retweet Radar "Finding trends in the mountains of information 'retweet'ed on Twitter", as it says at the top of this page, describes succinctly the point of this application which shows who and what is currently being retweeted the most. Why one would want to now that is not explained but I have no doubt that plenty of people will be interested to know for one reason or another :-) The creator,@retweetradar , can be followed for hourly trends on hot terms, people and retweeted URLs on Twitter and the page is at:
Retweet Rank To paraphrase the creator of this site Saurabh Sahni @saurabhsahni : "Retweetrank lets you find the rank of any Twitter user. Along with the rank, the latest retweets of the user are shown and an RSS feed can also be grabbed for the same. Monitoring retweets can provide better audience understanding to the originator whilst others can see a user's most interesting tweets. The top ranked Twitter users, those who have been most retweeted recently, are listed in the leaderboard. They are the ones producing most interesting content across the twittersphere."

Tragically, #6 on that leaderboard when I went to the page was Gary McCaffrey whose artificial follower-gathering scheme is hugely popular with those who believe that gaming Twitter is clever and/or will get them somewhere they want to go. I have toyed with the idea of blocking every follower who has one of those retweets anywhere on their profile but most are unaware of the fact that this is a cynical ploy disguised as a fun thing to do. Gary McCaffrey himself had 20,904 followers and was following 151 people. Do the math yourself and you will get the picture. More fool anyone who gets sucked into this scheme.

Retweetist To quote the website " * If you find yourself copying other people's Twitter messages and reposting them with such codes as "retweet" or "RT", you may be a Retweetist. Don't worry, you are not alone. In fact so many people are RT'ing that we can use this to see what are some of the most valued topics out there. "

The daily Twitterhood Quiz

At 21:30 UTC/GMT (16:30 EST, 15:30 CST, 13:30 PST) every day, I run a quiz with prizes provided by sponsors from around the Twitterhood. It's fun and you get points for participating whether you answer correctly or not! For details, take a look at the quiz site If you are not able to participate but would still like to play alone, you will find links to the questions and answer pages of previous quizzes just above the scoreboard on the quiz page.

Twizmaster - Fun on a Friday!

Quiz mad? Join the @twizmaster on Fridays at 17:00 GMT / 09:00 PST /, 12:00 EST (6 hours before the Twitterhood Quiz so you'll have time to recover! LOL) - 20 great questions, mad prizes! The person to answer the most questions correctly first wins the zany item of the week! You'll find more information about this fun quiz at



Anyone who would like to meet some new people can ask me to introduce them, at any time, just tweet or DM me that you would like a shout-out. Typically my tweet will go something like "Hey everybody! Have you met @name yet?! A follow is the warmest welcome! :-)" but you can also ask me to tweet specifics, for example 'Looking for others who enjoy quilting' or 'wanting to network with other real estate agents' or 'searching for other rock music fans' and so on.

I have an aversion to tweets with lists of new followers in them so I never tweet them or take any notice of other people's. Some people un-follow others who list all their new followers in a series of tweets. I've never gone that far but I have been tempted!

At the beginning of February 2009 I instituted an Intro Lottery to try and make sure that everyone had a fair chance of being given a 'shout-out' to the Twitterhood by creating a simple database of the @name of everyone in the Twitterhood and allowing the automatic numbering of entries. Every day I randomly asked people with whom I was in conversation to pick me a number and I then created a shout-out for the person whose name was attached to that number in the database. I might do this up to ten times per day. I also randomly, as and when I had a spare moment, looked to see who the latest 'neighbour' or 'neighbor' is and give them a welcoming shout-out. Although I still do the occasional shout-out for a new neighbor or neighbour and am always happy to introduce anyone who asks I had to abandon the original  introLottery idea for lack of time! Instead, I have lately been joining in with the #followfriday convention based on a brilliant idea that occurred to Micah Baldwin, as documented at:

#followfriday Like all Twitter hashtags, the addition of this to a tweet to the beginning or end of a tweet in which you @name specific people, ensures that anyone looking for people worth following in the eyes of others can be found conveniently gathered together at by putting 'followfriday' in the search slot (without the apostrophes of course!). When someone you are already following tweets a #followfriday recommendation you can, of course, simply click on the @names contained in the tweet to check out the profile pages of those recommended.

The #followfriday convention means that everyone is recommending people to one another at the same time and the volume of tweets can peak extraordinarily but it's only a short-term phenomenon each week and, although some grumpy individuals may un-follow one because of it, they will quickly be replaced by more sociable people :-)

Like most Twitter conventions #followfriday now has it's own website: Where the most recommended people each week are listed, along with relevant information.

Having said all that, it is not my intention to disturb anyone so I will be creating less #followfriday tweets some weeks than others and may even create a page of recommendations on my site and link to it if time permits.

Tweeple Pages - Find people who share your interests Tweeple Pages is a directory of Twitter users organized by their interests. Although this is a fairly new service it is a great idea and using it is simply a matter of logging in using your Twitter username and password and you can start discovering other users with similar interests as you. Check out the popular ones on the home page or enter your interest in the search bar at the top of the page. Be sure to enter your own interests as well so other users can find and connect with you!
Twellow To quote the website: "Twellow is a service to help Twitter users find people to follow. From Accountants to Yoga, Twellow categorizes and organizes Twitter into hundreds of niches to make your searching easier. So go ahead,
Connect with people who matter."

One is allowed to choose ten categories/subcategories in which to be listed as a part of the free service and it seems like a good idea to do so, so I did :-) One can follow @twellowup for news and updates if one so wishes.

Just Tweet It JustTweetIt is a directory of tweeters to help you find other users with whom you may have something in common or who might be informative on a topic in which you are interested. Although I added my details I have to say that the directory seemed unlikely to get anyone other than those on the first page of any category far - it isn't organised in a way that would make me want to visit again. Maybe they will improve it over time. There are plenty of people in it!
WeFollow WeFollow is a user-powered directory. When you enter the WeFollow site you will be given the opportunity to choose three tags or categories under which to be listed. You can type in whatever you want or look at the existing categories and choose from amongst them. Being in a hurry, I chose #social from the listings and then simply typed in #quiz and #fun. To complete the transaction I agreed to allow the app to tweet my new listing and that was that - in and out in a matter of a minute or two! I like the way this directory is put together.
Twibs Twibs was created to give Twitter users a place to find businesses on Twitter. They are big believers in the power of twitter to connect customers with businesses, working on making it easy for consumers to find businesses, both local and national. Keep in mind, they're just getting started, so there may be small glitches and features missing, but don't worry, they're working hard at helping consumers find businesses on twitter!
Who Should I Follow? There is no way to put it more succinctly that the author of the website has done: "Enter your Twitter username. Get suggestions on interesting people to follow."
Unfortunately, when I put my name in there were an awful lot of Internet marketers on the first couple of pages of suggestions and I am at pains to imagine why anyone might think that those would be my first choice...
Twubble Looking for more people to follow?
Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.
Tweepler To quote the website: "Tweepler Is an easy, more enjoyable way of processing your New Twitter Followers. View a list of New Followers and classify them in one of two "Buckets" Follow (meaning you wish to follow them back) and Ignore (meaning you don't wish to follow them and want to archive them out of the way, reducing clutter)."
TwitSeeker To quote the website: "TwitSeeker is basically an alternate search engine for finding users - "twits" - and browsing the results all in one combined control panel. It works by using the API, and finds twits not by what's posted in their bios but rather based on what they've been tweeting about lately. It uses a custom tag cloud generator written by the author, and was created as an experimental tool to help users quickly build up a twitter community around specific topics."
Nearby Tweets To quote the 'About' page on the site itself: "Launched as an early–stage beta January 20th, 2009, the Nearby Tweets project was developed by Brian Cray to extend Twitter’s capabilities into its true potential: a geography–centric social tool for networking and a business tool for building customer relationships and monitoring real–time buzz. With Nearby Tweets’ sophisticated geographic layer on top of Twitter people and businesses will find Twitter more relevant, manageable, and fun!

Even at its early beta stages, Nearby Tweets was recognized by Internet blogging giant Mashable. Today, twitterers all over the world are buzzing about Nearby Tweets":
Twibes This app, which I discovered when I was kindly recommended through it by @alexpuig is very interesting as it allows one to choose ten people to recommend as the most interesting people one knows to recommend. Unfortunately, I know too many interesting people now to be able to make use of it but I would definitely have used Twibes while the group was still of a small to moderate size and saved a lot of time doing so!


Because I can't see the point of one-way traffic, I always follow back anyone who follows me manually. I used to use a service to follow back automatically but found it let just anyone in and I like to be more discerning than that! I find automated DMs off-putting to receive so I don't send them. I particularly dislike an automated DM that thanks me for my follow and immediately tries to sell me something or plug a website before I have even had a chance to get to know my new neighbour (or neighbor!) and decided whether I am interested in what he, or she, does. It comes across particularly badly when one follows back out of courtesy and receives a patronising automated DM thanking one for following and implying that one is now being mentored!

It has been remarked that an automated 'thank you' DM is better than no thank you at all. In my view, the fact that I follow someone back is an expression of my thanks for their follow and I wouldn't want to automatically thank spammers, pornographers or other low-life for following me, since I wouldn't be grateful for their attentions!

As I mentioned earlier, I follow very few people who are not following me, those whom I do follow without reciprocation are mainly for news or other factual content and I regularly un-follow people who have followed me just to get my follow back and then un-followed me again and those who simply want to advertise rather than converse. I am not interested in the quantity of followers in the Twitterhood but I am very interested in the quality of them.

Those who follow me with the intention of getting my follow back and then immediately un-following, those misguided people who think it makes them appear important to be followed by many but only be following a few, will soon discover that I take satisfaction in manually un-following such people within anything from minutes to a maximum of 48 hours, so they have wasted their time as well as mine!

TwitterFriends This is an incredible website created by  Benedikt Koehler of Munich, Germany, aka @furukama and there was so much to see that I will have to return to get through trying all of it out but it represents various statistics about a user's interactions with others in very interesting ways!
TweetCube TweetCube allows you to share files on Twitter. Simple as that. Blast out your images, videos, music and more with just a couple of clicks, and your files are automatically posted on Twitter.
TweetCube is 100% free to use, but the maximum file size you can upload is currently 10mb. You can upload as many files as you want. They delete old files after 30 days.


A very useful glossary of terms used by tweeters and about tweeting and associated activities is contained at the searchable and there is also
If you haven't been on the Internet for long the array of terms and abbreviations can seem a little daunting but this Internet page will provide you with the answers so it may be a good idea to bookmark it:


Here's a fun item you can use to show visitors to your website or blog how many people are currently following you. In my experience it's not a particularly accurate system in that, so far, it has consistently lagged behind Twitter somewhat.  Still, you can visit the website and manually update it and there is also lots of additional information at



This website, created by@alexrudloff and @gavin has several interfaces that allow one to review the 'top' Twitter activity. At this point I have to say that, ever since people started 'gaming' and manipulating Twitter to create large groups of followers by preying on those who use autofollowing, I place no importance in numbers of followers as a way of determining a person or company's popularity. Having watched a few people build up accounts with thousands of followers and never having tweeted even once, I can see that numbers are entirely irrelevant.

Nonetheless, if you are interested  in identifying those who have huge herds of followers, whether genuinely acquired or fraudulently (none of the applications can tell the difference), you'll find the top 100 of them very easily on the first page. A second page shows you the top 100 of those who have the most reciprocal followers and the people on that page I do have respect for as being willing to have communication in both directions. A third page shows the top 100 in terms of quantity of updates and I thought I tweeted a lot until I inspected that page! LOL The 4th page simply shows you the 100 people who have been on Twitter the longest. You can also insert your own Twitter user name and see where you fit into the scheme of things.

TwitPay Update your status on Twitter to pay somebody. If you fill in the text boxes on the web page and click on Tweet they'll show you how it's done. When you're ready to settle up, they make that easy, too, with one person, or everyone you owe. Twitpay payments are handled by Amazon Payments, so your money only goes where you want it to. If you have more questions about Twitpay, then be sure to check out their FAQ.
Twollars It took me a second visit  to grasp this concept after@eisokant told me about it, but it's rather a good idea and I am now enthused! To quote theFAQ page "Think of Twollars as a new type of money that rewards your social value to others and your good reputation with your community. A Twollar is a way to convert your 'good deed', your knowledge, your energy, your generosity into a symbol, a standard unit that can be exchanged with others.

Its really simple! Just write a Give Twollar Tweet like this: Give 2 Twollars @macwind because he gave me great advice. Or Reward someone with a special Twollar Retweet like this: RT 3 Twollars @esiokant because of his great Tweet. And then you can donate Twollars to a charity like this: Donate 20 Twollars @redcross because of their great work in Africa.



This is another fun item you can use on your website or blog to show people your Twitter 'grade' When I first discovered Twitter Grader it showed 97 and updated itself regularly as whatever parameters are being used to grade one dictated. At one point the number went down by 1 and I would love to have known why but guessed it may have been because someone from the more influential echelons had un-followed me or something like that. Anyway, it was fun to visit my homepage one day and see that the counter showed 100, since when it seems to have become stuck (I hope permanently since the only way from there is down! :-)

The Elite list of users appears to be variable according to who consults it. For example, one day I appeared at #9 on the list when @DarenBBC looked at it whilst, at the very same time, I was nowhere on the list when I looked at it and was, variously, at 82, 96 and 99 in other people's browsers. Therefore, I set no great store by it but that doesn't stop me being pleased to hear that I have appeared on it for one friend or another from time to time!

Twooting - a Twitter podcast Twooting is a daily podcast all about Twitter hosted by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque (not part of the Twitter team) who present what they believe will be the most comprehensive and entertaining way to learn and master Twitter. Their podcasts offer, they say, a daily dose of Twitter new, tips, tricks, updates, advice, interviews and more! It is to be hoped that they will not be promoting any of the schemes that are so potentially harmful to Twitter and I would appreciate feedback from listeners to let me know as I simply do not have the time to listen in and check. You can also follow Ryan Levesque on@thepodcast
@timer Follow@timer and then, whenever you need to be reminded of something you must do, a minimum of 5 minutes after you've thought of it, DM @timer and request an alert tweet.
To quote @timer : "Need to remember something? Send me a direct message, and I'll tweet you back. For example, 'd timer 45 call mom' reminds you in 45 minutes."
Remember The Milk This is a multiple reminder service for tweeters and, rather than go into lengthy explanations I will simply suggest that you visit the page and read their clear and straightforward instructions.
Toodledo An easy to use, web-based to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.
You need to be following and followed by@Toodledo to use this Direct Message-based service.

My Tweet 16

To see the first 16 tweets someone tweeted or at least the earliest 16 available (Twitter only makes the last 3200 tweets on any account available) go to:
A website that measures your influence within the Twitter community, apparently... twInfluence is a simple tool using the Twitter API to to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus. As of right now, 22,307 twitterers have profiles analyzed on If you want one, you can have a link directly to your twinfluence results like this one:
Twitalyzer To quote the website: "Measure Your Impact and Success in Social Media. Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media." As with most, if not all, of these applications, the usefulness depends upon your interest in knowing these things and some people, like me, will not be spending a great deal of time using them whilst others will want a daily update, no doubt!


This is a fun and informative way to view your Twitter statistics if you like that kind of thing! It is fun anyway, watching the way things change from one week to another - I took a screenshot (Alt and Prt Scr together and then pasted into Accessories>Paint) a couple of times in the course of the past month and things certainly did look different the second time around! All good fun! You can access the site at:


To quote the website: "Tweetag gives you a unique way to browse through all the public tweets published on The Tweetag homepage displays the 40 most frequent topics being discussed on Twitter (based on our automatic tagging system). The size of each tag represents its relative importance.
It means you can tell what most people are talking about at a glance (e.g. "Are they talking more about Obama or McCain?"). By selecting certain tags, you can also define the scope of your search and discover new topics related to them. You can add tags to the selection by clicking on them. A click on a tag in the "selected tags" bar removes it from the selection."


If you like to include videos and photos in your twitter life, you may want to check out TweetTree which is a fascinating way of viewing your tweet stream with such items displayed in it to save you having to cick on links and have them come up elsewhere.
TwitPic TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, our API, or through the site itself. There are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic.
Tweetburner This site enables you to shorten, share and track links that you want to tweet. Presumably it will be of much greater interest to commercial users of Twitter than to most of us but even the personal user may find it interesting to see how far a link has gone into the Twitterverse!
Acamin On this very basic and simple website you can share files, up to a maximum of 15MB per file, with your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook friends.
TweeTube Share your favorite videos quickly with short URLs. TweeTube let you track the visits and comments from the people that follow you on Twitter. A blip is a combination of a song and a short message to accompany it created by searching for a song that you want to share with your friends on Twitter, adding a short message and submitting, or 'blipping' it. The 'blip' appears automatically as a tweet in the tweetstream and friends can click on the link contained in the tweet to hear the song. If you start the message with an @name it appears as an @reply to the named individual, like any other tweet.

'Props' are tokens of respect that can be given from one DJ to another - say for blipping a good song or being a good DJ in general. You can give props by licking the thumbs-up icon that shows up at the bottom right of each Blip in the blipstream or visit the user's profile page and click the number of props to the right of the DJ’s profile picture.

There’s a little star at the bottom right of each blip. Clicking it so that it glows yellow adds the blip to your playlist. There's a good FAQ from which to learn everything  you might need to know.

This is something about which I am quite enthusiastic and I have created a sizeable playlist at To quote the website: " (pronounced TWISS-en-dot-eff-em) is a mashup that crawls Twitter for tweets about music. It then takes those tweets and throws in a play button so that you can listen to the song being talked about. Way cool huh?" Having never tried this I cannot say whether I would like it or not - it is on my To Do list - but am told it is a useful service.
twiggit To quote the simple web page that houses this service: twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.
BubbleTweet Before I say anything else about BubbleTweet I must confess that I am a total novice where online video is concerned, to the extent that I watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere and embed videos from some of the merchants in my US shopping mall but have never uploaded a video or made one with the Internet in mind, so I haven't been able to try this service myself. However, Kevin Sherman aka@bubbleguru the creator of BubbleTweet has kindly included an example on the page so that one can see how the idea works. It is impressive but I will freely admit it is not something I can imagine wanting to use. If, however, you are a speaker, coach, trainer, salesperson, musician or anyone for whom a video introduction would be an asset then I think you might find this a very exciting idea:

Tweet 2 Tweet

The instructions on this web page couldn't be simpler: Put two Twitter screen names into the boxes below to see their conversation via @ replies!
If you have spotted half of a conversation, for example, someone asking for information you would also like to have, and have then seen the enquirer tweet their thanks to someone, you can use this to see what the answer was that they were given by the person they have thanked. It's a handy eavesdropping tool, basically, but only on conversations that are on the public timeline anyway!


GroupTweet allows a particular group of people to send a DM (Direct Message) to all other members of the group in one go. You can set up a separate Twitter account, and register it with GroupTweet. Get all the members you want to include in the group to follow the new account and make sure the new account follows all of them back as well. When a member of the group sends a DM to that Twitter account, GroupTweet re-sends the message to everyone in the group.


TweetScan allows you to search the Twitter public timeline for real-time information - find out whether anyone is experiencing the same thing you are, i.e. an outage, or get the latest news from a tweeter at the scene of events.
ONLY 2 CLICKS This is an amazing resource site which groups outstanding tweeters according to what their Twitter 'function' is, shows web pages being tweeted about and much, much more:


This is a bit of 3D fun and also very useful I have no doubt! See the world and who is tweeting from where right now - you can move around the map to see what is going on in a particular sector too at:
Twithority Looking for the most authoritative tweeters on a particular topic? Within reason, this works quite well, in that it gathers the tweeters on a given subject and displays them in order of apparent authority - you may have to exercise some discernment but you should be able to find what you seek (if it's anywhere on Twitter) fairly easily:
DestroyTwitter To quote the website: "DestroyTwitter is a robust but compact Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux using Adobe AIR. It consists of a series of canvases that constantly update to keep tweets current and up-to-date using notifications that appear immediately after a new tweet arrives. DestroyTwitter also features complete direct messaging functionality. Messages and tweets can be replied to with the original visible for quick and easy reference. A search function is also available to track anything that's being talked about.
Twiddict Twiddict love Twitter. They hate when it's down. If you're addicted to Twitter as well, tweet your heart out through Twiddict and avoid life-changing withdrawal symptoms during Twitter downtime. They'll make sure your tweets end up where they belong! This is not something I have tried myself but it comes highly recommended!
Twittercal Twittercal is a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events in a snap from your favorite Twitter client. Follow a simple 5-step procedure to get started.
TweetChat TweetChat creates 'rooms' within Twitter where you can discuss a particular topic and the appropriate hashtag for the 'room' is automatically added to your tweets - you can see all tweets containing the hashtag and this is useful when several people want to discuss something and not lose track of each other's responses or socialise with people who share a particular interest:

One particularly good use of this facility is@Time4CoffeeTime 's CoffeeTime.  To participate, enter the room of which the name is coffeetime and, to send tweets from elsewhere add #coffeetime to your tweets. You can actually tweet from within the room and the hashtag will be added automatically to your tweets. CoffeeTime is an opportunity to meet other sociable and gregarious people - introduce yourself to anyone and everyone there, don't be shy - the whole point of going there is to meet others.

If you follow@Time4CoffeeTime you will see when she is calling the usual crowd together and that's when you can be sure of finding others in the room but anyone can suggest a CoffeeTime and use the room at any time and invite whoever they wish to join them in there! Do remember that it is an entirely social room, though, it is not a place to plug your latest thing or look for clients...

Tweetake Tweetake exists to allow you to back-up your followers, people you are following and Tweets with just one click.
Why bother to do this? Many reasons: Twitter may lose followers again like it did in June / July 2008. You may change your Twitter name and want to re-follow the people you were following, and contact the people who were following you
You may want to refer to an older Tweet - currently Twitter does not keep all of your older Tweets... You may just like backing things up, ‘just in case’ This is a very basic backup:

You can also follow Alfred Armstrong @alfaguru and Nikki @NikkiPilkington the Tweetake creators on Twitter too, if you like!
Tweet Backup This rather more sophisticated backup facility is also free and allows a choice of formats in which to download the backup. You are required to give your e-mail address so that you can be sent a password and the good thing about this is that it is not necessary for you to reveal your Twitter password, which means it can be used by people who have decided to avoid all apps where revealing it is necessary. The only requirement for use of TweetBack is that you should follow the creator of it: @tweetbackup
TwtCard Here's a bit of fun: TwtCards you can send individually or to everyone. The message consists of a tweet and you have a choice of cartoon symbols by way of adornment:
Tweetsville To quote the website:
  • Timelines let you keep track of what's going on.
  • Shows up to 200 tweets
  • Rich text display. *bold* will display as bold, etc.
  • Clickable inline links and @names
  • Two looks: Balloon and Simple
  • Displays border for tweets in which you are referenced in Balloon mode.
  • Tap a tweet to view details, send replies, and mark as a favorite.

TweetLater It was not my intention to include TweetLater on this page because the main thrust of what is on offer is automation of tweets, follows and unfollows, all things which I am totally against. However, it was recommended by@rocknrod and does include some elements that are useful in the free version.

Some of the useful features are keyword tracking, which could help you find people with whom you have interests in common, tracking of replies missed on Twitter to help you ensure you don't appear to have ignored anyone's direct communication with you and a personal status feed "your own tweet engine" as they put it. If you are tempted to automate any other aspect of your Twitter activity, negating the whole idea of  'social' networking, then do not be surprised if your Twitter world turns to worms and do not expect me to sympathize over it!

TWITTERFALL Here's another very interesting website to visit and rather than try and explain it to you I will suggest that you take a look for yourself and decide whether you find it useful or not. I found it useful and quite fascinating within a couple of minutes of getting there:
TWEET SEARCHES For a very basic and, apparently, current tweets only search try:

For a slightly more sophisticated search try

Monitter To quote the website: "It's a twitter monitor, it lets you "monitter" the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying. Cool huh? Just type three words into the three search boxes and within seconds you'll start seeing relevant tweets streaming live.. " my experience with it was somewhat mind-boggling in that the tweets were moving rather faster than my brain was able to assimilate but then it is rather an old brain so that's no real indication! It was certainly fascinating to see what came up, I must say:
TwitScoop Twitscoop was built to help you stay on top of twitter's hot topics or discussions. Through an automated algorithm, twitscoop crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentioned more often than usual. The result is displayed in a Tag Cloud, using the following rule: the hotter, the bigger (no joke here).

Thanks to twitscoop and the continuously growing twitter user base, you will soon realise that "What are you doing ?" can have very different answers, from "I'm standing in a queue of 500 to buy Gta4", to "Was that just an Earthquake ?", through to "Hey, Microsoft just acquired Yahoo" (no this didn't actually happen yet).
As a result, twitscoop enables you to stay on top of things in a matter of seconds, often way before the news actually hits the mainstream information channels!
TwitterLocal To quote the website: "The TwitterLocal AIR Client allows you to watch as many location-based Twitter feeds as you want. Requires Adobe AIR version 1.5."
Twitterless Once the owner of the website has ironed out a few teething troubles one will, apparently, be able to track your un-followers in graphical format and more besides:
Xefer See your tweeting habits represented in graphical form. This page will show you the days of the week and times of day when you tweet most and least. To save you having to scroll a long way down the blog, here is a link to my graph where you can replace my Twitter name with your own: is "a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.

They post your text messages and images (and soon video) wherever you want, support over 30 social networking sites and are adding more regularly. Between their straight forward posting methods and advanced custom triggers, they make it easy for you to post your messages exactly where you want them to go.
TwitterBuzz To quote the website: "TwitterBuzz shows you what people using Twitter, a microblogging service, are linking to. It's updated constantly. The default view shows the most popular links over the last day. Normal service has now been restored. More features coming soon."
TOP TWEETERS This website uses serious analytics to produce a list of the top 100 twitter users in a pretty scientific manner by comparison with many of the others. Now that so many people are pushing Ponzi-type schemes for the artificial growth of Twitter groups this may end up being one of the only ones that isn't  wildly swayed by irrelevant follower numbers.
Twitter Poster This is a service that generates a mosaic with the images of users who have the greater numbers of followers on Twitter. Each poster has 5 x 72x72 pixel photos showing the 5 users with the most followers. In addition there are 10 x 48x48 pixel photos showing the 6th to the15th most followed tweeters and 523 x 24x24 pixel images of those who occupy positions 16 to 538.

Now that so many people are gaming the numbers on Twitter it is fairly meaningless - there are people with thousands of followers who have never, ever, tweeted and who have simply gone through swathes of @names following 100 at a time and then unfollowing all those who didn't follow them back, which would be everyone who isn't using 'autofollow'. For this reason, I am not impressed by numbers and I am very much against the use of autofollowing and encouraging this gaming of the system. Who knows what those gamers intend to do with their accounts later?! Anyway, it's still an interesting page:

TwitWall To quote the website: When its too long to tweet, just TwitWall it! TwitWall is the easy-to-use, quick-to-blast-out, instant blog companion for Twitter. With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload your photos, mp3 music or podcasts, - you name it. Just the kind of stuff to keep your followers following (fans cheering, or clients calling). All that, while still enjoying the many social-goodness and customization features you enjoy on Twitter.
MyCleenr Actually, I really don't understand why the fuss about clearing out inactive accounts - if someone isn't tweeting, they are not adding any clutter to your tweet stream and may return to Twitter after an absence only to be offended by finding you have unfollowed them! I suppose such accounts in quantity might create an imbalance in one's followings if you are following them and they are not following you back but, otherwise I cannot see what harm they are doing!
Twitoria Here's an interesting way of finding out which of the people in your group are inactive so you can investigate what has become of them, give them a nudge or do whatever occurs to you about them! Some people use it to determine which of their followers no longer tweet so that they can weed them out although, frankly, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, someone who isn't tweeting isn't doing any harm and may be quite offended at being unfollowed simply for not having been around for a while!
TwtPoll Want to poll everyone and find out what they think about something? This might help! You can offer single or multiple choices but there is no editing possible once the poll is saved so it's worth thinking carefully before you save, to avoid having to delete the poll and start again! Once you've created the poll you can tweet the link to it or embed it wherever else you want to.:
StrawPoll Here's another way of polling people: To quote the website: "StrawPoll is the coolest way to follow the opinions of people on Twitter, but until now you haven't been able to ask your own questions. With the new StrawPoll Platform, you can use your own Twitter account to ask the questions you find interesting. Post a question, watch your friends reply—it's as easy as that."
TweetBeep To quote the website: Free Twitter Alerts by Email! If you love Twitter, you'll love TweetBeep! Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates! You can even keep track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like Now, how cool is that?!

Great for online reputation management, catching all your @replies, finding job/networking opportunities, keeping up on your favorite hobby, and more!
TweetVolume Quite simply, by entering some words or phrases and clicking on the OK GO button you can see how often they appear on Twitter. The loader tells you that it is "getting stuff" and is followed by a bar chart. I tried it with sail & boat & yacht & schooner & sailor and got, respectively: 11500 & 77,100 & 6650 & 570 & 16,300. This could be handy for helping you determine which of your interests are least represented on Twitter and which the most, for example, telling you which keyword search is likely to find you the most tweeters with whom you have something in common.
Twist Twist shows you topic trends on Twitter and you can compare various topics by separating them with commas in the search. The website also offers the opportunity to embed the chart on your website.
TweetRush TweetRush is a service based on Rush Hour's engine that aims to provide real time estimated stats on Twitter usage over a period of time. Clicking on the top graph gives more detailed information about Twitter usage for a given date.
TweetWasters To quote the site: "Just how much time DO you spend on Twitter? This site is completely useless and was created by @itcn, designed by @reese and based on a concept by @sugarrae she thought of during a lecture aimed @streko."

It is pointless but a good bit of fun - I was told I should move out of my mother's basement, for example!

TwitFame To quote the website: "TwittFame is a tool for Twitter users to track certain stats over time and against other Twitter users. You will be able to compare your stats against others on the site overall or even by location. Not only will this help you find out where you stand but it can also increase your number of followers! The more people that come to this site and compare themselves means the more possibility that your own Twitter account will be compared, viewed and ultimately followed!"
Postica To quote the website: "Create a sticky note, choose your color, and drag it. Postica remembers the location of your sticky on every computer. Tired of emailing yourself one file? Quickly upload a photo or document to your sticky note. Have something to share with others? Send your sticky note to friends and family even if they don't have an account. Tweet you can send sticky notes using twitter! You can now create and view your sticky notes with a Google Gadget on iGoogle."
TrackThis Track your packages via Twitter This very handy service, called TrackThis, will send you near instant updates through Twitter, amongst other channels. Send TrackThis your tracking number, and you’ll get tweeted each time the location of your package changes. They track UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL and several other carriers.
TWITTER HELP Last, but by no means least, there is a lot of very useful information in Twitter's own support array which you can access via Help on your Twitter page.
  If you have, or know of, a Twitter-related application that you think I should include here, feel free to tweet me about it! @linnetwoods







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