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#CoffeeTime at TWEET CHAT

TweetChat TweetChat creates 'rooms' within Twitter where you can discuss a particular topic and the appropriate hashtag for the 'room' is automatically added to tweets sent from within the 'room' - you can see all tweets containing the hashtag and this is useful when several people want to discuss something and not lose track of each other's responses or simply to socialise with people who share a particular interest.


To make use of the facility to create a new room, think up a hashtag that is unlikely to be in use by anyone else, sign in to TweetChat and try the new tag (without the # at the beginning) as a room name. Wait a few moments after opening the 'room' to see if anyone else is already using that tag and, if not, you can invite others, either via public tweets or DMs (Direct Messages) to join you there, using the room name designated. Tweets between you will be visible on the public timeline so do not use the room for discussions that you do not wish to be overseen by others in your Twitter group.

The advantage of using a room is that members of your Twitter group can introduce people from their groups into the discussion although you are not all following one another when the conversation begins. You may decide to follow them as a result of finding their company interesting but are not obligated to do so.

One particularly good use of this facility amongst neighbors and neighbours of the Twitterhood is @Time4CoffeeTime 's CoffeeTime.  To participate you can sign in to TweetChat and enter the coffeetime room or send tweets from elsewhere adding #coffeetime to your tweets so that they will be seen there. You can tweet from within the room and the hashtag is added automatically to your tweets.  CoffeeTime is an opportunity to meet other sociable and gregarious people - introduce yourself to anyone and everyone there, don't be shy - the whole point of going there is to meet others.

If you follow @Time4CoffeeTime you will see when she is calling the usual crowd together and that's when you can be sure of finding others in the room but anyone can suggest a CoffeeTime and use the room at any time and invite whoever they wish to join them in there! Do remember that it is an entirely social room, though, it is not a place to plug your latest thing or look for clients and it is polite to follow @Time4CoffeeTime  and also to ask if she would care to join you there :-)

Now you know about the #coffeetime hashtag you will probably notice it turning up in tweets and will know that this might be a good idea to take a break and meet some new people through others you are already following.








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