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TwitterMail   When you give them your Twitter credentials they supply you with a TwitterMail email address. (e.g. abcdef1234 @ twittermail. com). If you send an email to that address it will be posted to and, if you make a donation you can also get some premium features,
TweetBook Here is an incredible new thing from @vsr who created it after being inspired by someone who had created a book of his tweets as a kind of diary. It's very simple to use - you just put your twitter name in and ask for a PDF file to be created, containing your tweets. It can include a maximum of 6,400 tweets (a Twitter limitation) so it makes sense to keep an eye on how many tweets you have posted and make a new PDF accordingly, to ensure none are lost if you plan to keep a record of your Twitter activity.

The daily Twitterhood Quiz

At 21:30 UTC/GMT (16:30 EST, 15:30 CST, 13:30 PST) every day, I run a quiz with prizes provided by sponsors from around the Twitterhood. It's fun and you get points for participating whether you answer correctly or not! For details, take a look at If you are not able to participate but would still like to play alone, you will find links to the questions and answer pages of previous quizzes just above the scoreboard on the quiz page.

Twizmaster - Fun on a Friday!

Quiz mad? Join the @twizmaster on Fridays at 17:00 GMT / 09:00 PST /, 12:00 EST (6 hours before the Twitterhood Quiz so you'll have time to recover! LOL) - 20 great questions, mad prizes! The person to answer the most questions correctly first wins the zany item of the week! You'll find more information about this fun quiz at

Twittonary A very useful glossary of terms used by tweeters and about tweeting and associated activities is contained at the searchable and there is also
If you haven't been on the Internet for long the array of terms and abbreviations can seem a little daunting but this Internet page will provide you with the answers so it may be a good idea to bookmark it:

TwitPay Update your status on Twitter to pay somebody. If you fill in the text boxes on the web page and click on Tweet they'll show you how it's done. When you're ready to settle up, they make that easy, too, with one person, or everyone you owe. Twitpay payments are handled by Amazon Payments, so your money only goes where you want it to. If you have more questions about Twitpay, then be sure to check out their FAQ.
Twollars It took me a second visit  to grasp this concept after @eisokant told me about it, but it's rather a good idea and I am now enthused! To quote the FAQ page "Think of Twollars as a new type of money that rewards your social value to others and your good reputation with your community. A Twollar is a way to convert your 'good deed', your knowledge, your energy, your generosity into a symbol, a standard unit that can be exchanged with others.

Its really simple! Just write a Give Twollar Tweet like this: Give 2 Twollars @macwind because he gave me great advice. Or Reward someone with a special Twollar Retweet like this: RT 3 Twollars @esiokant because of his great Tweet. And then you can donate Twollars to a charity like this: Donate 20 Twollars @redcross because of their great work in Africa.

Twooting - a Twitter podcast Twooting is a daily podcast all about Twitter hosted by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque (not part of the Twitter team) who present what they believe will be the most comprehensive and entertaining way to learn and master Twitter. Their podcasts offer, they say, a daily dose of Twitter new, tips, tricks, updates, advice, interviews and more! It is to be hoped that they will not be promoting any of the schemes that are so potentially harmful to Twitter and I would appreciate feedback from listeners to let me know as I simply do not have the time to listen in and check. You can also follow Ryan Levesque on @thepodcast

@timer Follow @timer and then, whenever you need to be reminded of something you must do, a minimum of 5 minutes after you've thought of it, DM @timer and request an alert tweet.
To quote @timer : "Need to remember something? Send me a direct message, and I'll tweet you back. For example, 'd timer 45 call mom' reminds you in 45 minutes."
Remember The Milk This is a multiple reminder service for tweeters and, rather than go into lengthy explanations I will simply suggest that you visit the page and read their clear and straightforward instructions.
Toodledo An easy to use, web-based to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.
You need to be following and followed by @Toodledo to use this Direct Message-based service.


My Tweet 16

To see the first 16 tweets someone tweeted or at least the earliest 16 available (Twitter only makes the last 3200 tweets on any account available) go to:

twiggit To quote the simple web page that houses this service: twiggit is an automated service that lets your friends on twitter know what articles you digg.
BubbleTweet Before I say anything else about BubbleTweet I must confess that I am a total novice where online video is concerned, to the extent that I watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere and embed videos from some of the merchants in my US shopping mall but have never uploaded a video or made one with the Internet in mind, so I haven't been able to try this service myself. However, Kevin Sherman aka @bubbleguru the creator of BubbleTweet has kindly included an example on the page so that one can see how the idea works. It is impressive but I will freely admit it is not something I can imagine wanting to use. If, however, you are a speaker, coach, trainer, salesperson, musician or anyone for whom a video introduction would be an asset then I think you might find this a very exciting idea:


The instructions on this web page couldn't be simpler: Put two Twitter screen names into the boxes below to see their conversation via @ replies!
If you have spotted half of a conversation, for example, someone asking for information you would also like to have, and have then seen the enquirer tweet their thanks to someone, you can use this to see what the answer was that they were given by the person they have thanked. It's a handy eavesdropping tool, basically, but only on conversations that are on the public timeline anyway!



GroupTweet allows a particular group of people to send a DM (Direct Message) to all other members of the group in one go. You can set up a separate Twitter account, and register it with GroupTweet. Get all the members you want to include in the group to follow the new account and make sure the new account follows all of them back as well. When a member of the group sends a DM to that Twitter account, GroupTweet re-sends the message to everyone in the group.



TweetScan allows you to search the Twitter public timeline for real-time information - find out whether anyone is experiencing the same thing you are, i.e. an outage, or get the latest news from a tweeter at the scene of events.

ONLY 2 CLICKS This is an amazing resource site which groups outstanding tweeters according to what their Twitter 'function' is, shows web pages being tweeted about and much, much more:



This is a bit of 3D fun and also very useful I have no doubt! See the world and who is tweeting from where right now - you can move around the map to see what is going on in a particular sector too at:

Twiddict Twiddict love Twitter. They hate when it's down. If you're addicted to Twitter as well, tweet your heart out through Twiddict and avoid life-changing withdrawal symptoms during Twitter downtime. They'll make sure your tweets end up where they belong! This is not something I have tried myself but it comes highly recommended!

Twittercal Twittercal is a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events in a snap from your favorite Twitter client. Follow a simple 5-step procedure to get started.

Tweetake Tweetake exists to allow you to back-up your followers, people you are following and Tweets with just one click.
Why bother to do this? Many reasons: Twitter may lose followers again like it did in June / July 2008. You may change your Twitter name and want to re-follow the people you were following, and contact the people who were following you
You may want to refer to an older Tweet - currently Twitter does not keep all of your older Tweets... You may just like backing things up, ‘just in case’ This is a very basic backup:

You can also follow Alfred Armstrong @alfaguru and Nikki @NikkiPilkington the Tweetake creators on Twitter too, if you like!

Tweet Backup This rather more sophisticated backup facility is also free and allows a choice of formats in which to download the backup. You are required to give your e-mail address so that you can be sent a password and the good thing about this is that it is not necessary for you to reveal your Twitter password, which means it can be used by people who have decided to avoid all apps where revealing it is necessary. The only requirement for use of TweetBack is that you should follow the creator of it: @tweetbackup

TwtCard Here's a bit of fun: TwtCards you can send individually or to everyone. The message consists of a tweet and you have a choice of cartoon symbols by way of adornment:

Tweetsville To quote the website:
  • Timelines let you keep track of what's going on.
  • Shows up to 200 tweets
  • Rich text display. *bold* will display as bold, etc.
  • Clickable inline links and @names
  • Two looks: Balloon and Simple
  • Displays border for tweets in which you are referenced in Balloon mode.
  • Tap a tweet to view details, send replies, and mark as a favorite.

TweetLater It was not my intention to include TweetLater on this page because the main thrust of what is on offer is automation of tweets, follows and unfollows, all things which I am totally against. However, it was recommended by @rocknrod and does include some elements that are useful in the free version.

Some of the useful features are keyword tracking, which could help you find people with whom you have interests in common, tracking of replies missed on Twitter to help you ensure you don't appear to have ignored anyone's direct communication with you and a personal status feed "your own tweet engine" as they put it. If you are tempted to automate any other aspect of your Twitter activity, negating the whole idea of  'social' networking, then do not be surprised if your Twitter world turns to worms and do not expect me to sympathize over it!

TWITTERFALL Here's another very interesting website to visit and rather than try and explain it to you I will suggest that you take a look for yourself and decide whether you find it useful or not. I found it useful and quite fascinating within a couple of minutes of getting there:

TWEET SEARCHES For a very basic and, apparently, current tweets only search try:

For a slightly more sophisticated search try

Monitter To quote the website: "It's a twitter monitor, it lets you "monitter" the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying. Cool huh? Just type three words into the three search boxes and within seconds you'll start seeing relevant tweets streaming live.. " my experiene with it was somewhat mind-boggling in that the tweets were moving rather faster than my brain was able to assimilate but then it is rather an old brain so that's no real indication! It was certainly fascinating to see what came up, I must say:

Twitterless Once the owner of the website has ironed out a few teething troubles one will, apparently, be able to track your un-followers in graphical format and more besides: is "a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.

They post your text messages and images (and soon video) wherever you want, support over 30 social networking sites and are adding more regularly. Between their straight forward posting methods and advanced custom triggers, they make it easy for you to post your messages exactly where you want them to go.

TwitWall To quote the website: When its too long to tweet, just TwitWall it! TwitWall is the easy-to-use, quick-to-blast-out, instant blog companion for Twitter. With TwitWall, you can embed your favorite videos and widgets, upload your photos, mp3 music or podcasts, - you name it. Just the kind of stuff to keep your followers following (fans cheering, or clients calling). All that, while still enjoying the many social-goodness and customization features you enjoy on Twitter.

TwtPoll Want to poll everyone and find out what they think about something? This might help! You can offer single or multiple choices but there is no editing possible once the poll is saved so it's worth thinking carefully before you save, to avoid having to delete the poll and start again! Once you've created the poll you can tweet the link to it or embed it wherever else you want to.:

StrawPoll Here's another way of polling people: To quote the website: "StrawPoll is the coolest way to follow the opinions of people on Twitter, but until now you haven't been able to ask your own questions. With the new StrawPoll Platform, you can use your own Twitter account to ask the questions you find interesting. Post a question, watch your friends reply—it's as easy as that."

TweetBeep To quote the website: Free Twitter Alerts by Email! If you love Twitter, you'll love TweetBeep! Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates! You can even keep track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like Now, how cool is that?!

Great for online reputation management, catching all your @replies, finding job/networking opportunities, keeping up on your favorite hobby, and more!

TweetWasters To quote the site: "Just how much time DO you spend on Twitter? This site is completely useless and was created by @itcn, designed by @reese and based on a concept by @sugarrae she thought of during a lecture aimed @streko."

It is pointless but a good bit of fun - I was told I should move out of my mother's basement, for example!

TwitFame To quote the website: "TwittFame is a tool for Twitter users to track certain stats over time and against other Twitter users. You will be able to compare your stats against others on the site overall or even by location. Not only will this help you find out where you stand but it can also increase your number of followers! The more people that come to this site and compare themselves means the more possibility that your own Twitter account will be compared, viewed and ultimately followed!"
TrackThis Track your packages via Twitter This very handy service, called TrackThis, will send you near instant updates through Twitter, amongst other channels. Send TrackThis your tracking number, and you’ll get tweeted each time the location of your package changes. They track UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL and several other carriers.
TWITTER HELP Last, but by no means least, there is a lot of very useful information in Twitter's own support array which you can access via Help on your Twitter page.

  If you have, or know of, a Twitter-related application that you think I should include here, feel free to tweet me about it! @linnetwoods








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