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  Twalala   To quote the website: "Get ready to take control of your twitterstream. twalala is a client for Twitter that allows you to control what you see, and more importantly, what you don't see in your twitterstream. Using twalala, you can filter tweets out of your stream by keywords and phrases or mute individuals who get a bit too chatty. Finally, Twitter with a mute button."

This is not an app I have tried since I wouldn't want to be unaware of what people I follow are saying and doing but I can imagine some of my followers finding it very handy as a way to shut me up for a while! LOL

TwitterSnooze Written by @andrewparker TwitterSnooze allows you to "Hit the snooze button on your 'verbose Twitter friends" for between 1 and 30 days. To quote the website: "It's a good tool to avoid a blast of tweets from a conference you are not attending... just snooze the conference goers for a few days. It's a nice way to get back at someone for saying something stupid... give them the silent treatment ;) It's a good way to ignore someone that just flooded your timeline for no good reason... but it was just a one-time offence and doesn't merit permanent unfollowing.

As Dave Winer points out, TwitterSnooze is not ideal because when a person is unsnoozed, Twitter will send them an email alerting that person that you are now following them again. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the only way I know to implement a "Snooze" feature (by unfollowing and then re-following a user) given the current API. If you don't like your snoozers getting alert emails, then TwitterSnooze is not for you.
Security Note: TwitterSnooze stores passwords on the DB. TwitterSnooze deletes all passwords once they are no longer needed, but if the idea of your password being stored on this server makes you squeamish, then TwitterSnooze is not for you."

TwitBlocker To quote the website: "Are you being overwhelmed by twitter friends who can't stop talking, but they're like... still your friends? Install TwitBlocker (a greasmonkey script) and then double clicking chattering peeps will temporarily remove their tweets from your timeline. Restart your browser to get them back. Simple eh? It works a bit like Twittersnooze or Twalala, but you don't have to give someone you don't know your password, which is an entirely bad idea, generally speaking."

  If you have, or know of, a Twitter-related application that you think I should include here, feel free to tweet me about it! @linnetwoods







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