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Here's a fun item you can use to show visitors to your website or blog how many people are currently following you. In my experience it's not a particularly accurate system in that, so far, it has consistently lagged behind Twitter somewhat.  Still, you can visit the website and manually update it and there is also lots of additional information at:

TwitterCounter also provide a set of embeddable buttons that you can use in other locations to show your current follower numbers.

This website, created by @alexrudloff and @gavin has several interfaces that allow one to review the 'top' Twitter activity. At this point I have to say that, ever since people started 'gaming' and manipulating Twitter to create large groups of followers by preying on those who use autofollowing, I place no importance in numbers of followers as a way of determining a person or company's popularity. Having watched a few people build up accounts with thousands of followers and never having tweeted even once, I can see that numbers are entirely irrelevant.

Nonetheless, if you are interested  in identifying those who have huge herds of followers, whether genuinely acquired or fraudulently (none of the applications can tell the difference), you'll find the top 100 of them very easily on the first page. A second page shows you the top 100 of those who have the most reciprocal followers and the people on that page I do have respect for as being willing to have communication in both directions. A third page shows the top 100 in terms of quantity of updates and I thought I tweeted a lot until I inspected that page! LOL The 4th page simply shows you the 100 people who have been on Twitter the longest. You can also insert your own Twitter user name and see where you fit into the scheme of things.



This is another fun item you can use on your website or blog to show people your Twitter 'grade' When I first discovered Twitter Grader it showed 97 and updated itself regularly as whatever parameters are being used to grade one dictated. At one point the number went down by 1 and I would love to have known why but guessed it may have been because someone from the more influential echelons had un-followed me or something like that. Anyway, it was fun to visit my homepage one day and see that the counter showed 100, since when it seems to have become stuck (I hope permanently since the only way from there is down! :-)

The Elite list of users appears to be variable according to who consults it. For example, one day I appeared at #9 on the list when @DarenBBC looked at it whilst, at the very same time, I was nowhere on the list when I looked at it and was, variously, at 82, 96 and 99 in other people's browsers. Therefore, I set no great store by it but that doesn't stop me being pleased to hear that I have appeared on it for one friend or another from time to time!

A website that measures your influence within the Twitter community, apparently... twInfluence is a simple tool using the Twitter API to to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus. As of right now, 22,307 twitterers have profiles analyzed on

If you want one, you can have a link directly to your twinfluence results like this one:

Twitalyzer To quote the website: "Measure Your Impact and Success in Social Media. Twitalyzer is a unique tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and report on relative influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, clout, and other useful measures of success in social media." As with most, if not all, of these applications, the usefulness depends upon your interest in knowing these things and some people, like me, will not be spending a great deal of time using them whilst others will want a daily update, no doubt!


This is a fun and informative way to view your Twitter statistics if you like that kind of thing! It is fun anyway, watching the way things change from one week to another - I took a screenshot (Alt and Prt Scr together and then pasted into Accessories>Paint) a couple of times in the course of the past month and things certainly did look different the second time around! All good fun! You can access the site at:



To quote the website: "Tweetag gives you a unique way to browse through all the public tweets published on The Tweetag homepage displays the 40 most frequent topics being discussed on Twitter (based on our automatic tagging system). The size of each tag represents its relative importance.
It means you can tell what most people are talking about at a glance (e.g. "Are they talking more about Obama or McCain?"). By selecting certain tags, you can also define the scope of your search and discover new topics related to them. You can add tags to the selection by clicking on them. A click on a tag in the "selected tags" bar removes it from the selection."

TwitScoop Twitscoop was built to help you stay on top of twitter's hot topics or discussions. Through an automated algorithm, twitscoop crawls hundreds of tweets every minute and extracts the words which are mentionned more often than usual. The result is displayed in a Tag Cloud, using the following rule: the hotter, the bigger (no joke here).

Thanks to twitscoop and the continuously growing twitter user base, you will soon realise that "What are you doing ?" can have very different answers, from "I'm standing in a queue of 500 to buy Gta4", to "Was that just an Earthquake ?", through to "Hey, Microsoft just acquired Yahoo" (no this didn't actually happen yet).
As a result, twitscoop enables you to stay on top of things in a matter of seconds, often way before the news actually hits the mainstream information channels!

See your tweeting habits represented in graphical form. This page will show you the days of the week and times of day when you tweet most and least. To save you having to scroll a long way down the blog, here is a link to my graph where you can replace my Twitter name with your own:

TwitterBuzz To quote the website: "TwitterBuzz shows you what people using Twitter, a microblogging service, are linking to. It's updated constantly. The default view shows the most popular links over the last day. Normal service has now been restored. More features coming soon."

This is a service that generates a mosaic with the images of users who have the greater numbers of followers on Twitter. Each poster has 5 x 72x72 pixel photos showing the 5 users with the most followers. In addition there are 10 x 48x48 pixel photos showing the 6th to the15th most followed tweeters and 523 x 24x24 pixel images of those who occupy positions 16 to 538.

Now that so many people are gaming the numbers on Twitter it is fairly meaningless - there are people with thousands of followers who have never, ever, tweeted and who have simply gone through swathes of @names following 100 at a time and then unfollowing all those who didn't follow them back, which would be everyone who isn't using 'autofollow'. For this reason, I am not impressed by numbers and I am very much against the use of autofollowing and encouraging this gaming of the system. Who knows what those gamers intend to do with their accounts later?! Anyway, it's still an interesting page:

TweetVolume Quite simply, by entering some words or phrases and clicking on the OK GO button you can see how often they appear on Twitter. The loader tells you that it is "getting stuff" and is followed by a bar chart. I tried it with sail & boat & yacht & schooner & sailor and got, respectively: 11500 & 77,100 & 6650 & 570 & 16,300. This could be handy for helping you determine which of your interests are least represented on Twitter and which the most, for example, telling you which keyword search is likely to find you the most tweeters with whom you have something in common.

Twist Twist shows you topic trends on Twitter and you can compare various topics by separating them with commas in the search. The website also offers the opportunity to embed the chart on your website.
TweetRush TweetRush is a service based on Rush Hour's engine that aims to provide real time estimated stats on Twitter usage over a period of time. Clicking on the top graph gives more detailed information about Twitter usage for a given date.

TweetWasters To quote the site: "Just how much time DO you spend on Twitter? This site is completely useless and was created by @itcn, designed by @reese and based on a concept by @sugarrae she thought of during a lecture aimed @streko."

It is pointless but a good bit of fun - I was told I should move out of my mother's basement, for example!

TwitFame To quote the website: "TwittFame is a tool for Twitter users to track certain stats over time and against other Twitter users. You will be able to compare your stats against others on the site overall or even by location. Not only will this help you find out where you stand but it can also increase your number of followers! The more people that come to this site and compare themselves means the more possibility that your own Twitter account will be compared, viewed and ultimately followed!"
  If you have, or know of, a Twitter statistics-related application that you think I should include here, feel free to tweet me about it! @linnetwoods







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