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  Whether you're a Twitter newbie yourself or you have friends who are reluctant to join you on Twitter because they are afraid they won't be able to work out how it all goes, @twittaroid's 'Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less' is a very handy guide in .pdf format, is absolutely FREE to download and I am very happy for you to share it with anyone and everyone and, likewise, you are very welcome to share a link to this page if you feel it might be helpful to anyone, whether your friends intend to follow me or not although, obviously, I'd love to meet them :-)


TweetDeck helps you manage your tweets!


An excellent and ongoing blog with an FAQ format was recommended by @Paulina1 at
Another beloved neighbor of the Twitterhood, @mayhemstudios, tweeted a link to this excellent article: Here's a very nice video tutorial for TweetDeck by@johnhaydon and recommended by @pamjoy



ARTICLES As I find them I will include links to related articles on this page too. So far, this is the best I have come across on the subject of organizing tweets, although I have to say that I don't filter my tweets except by 'All Friends', '@replies', a group I created with myself as the only person in it, called 'My Tweets' (to help me discover what people might be referring to in their delayed replies) and 'Direct Messages' so I don't have personal experience of following this advice, although I can see the advantages that might exist in grouping people according to shared interests.


What nobody told me at the start was that Twitter limits the number of people you can initially follow, usually to 2000, until the number of people who follow you catches up i.e. the ideal ratio is 1:1 so it is probably not a good idea to follow too many more people than are following you. I ended up having to un-follow people in order to be able to follow people back as they became neighbors and neighbors of the Twitterhood (sorry, I have an aversion to the concept of 'followers'!). Something tells me that, otherwise, most people would not want to wait until the numbers finally caught up to have a conversation with one and would un-follow eventually, so that the ratio never would make it to 1:1!

At this point I am going to nail my colours to the mast. There are as many ways to think about and use Twitter as there are people with imaginations and nobody is 'right' or 'wrong' about what is best. I have read perfectly logical-sounding blog posts about how one should follow only a chosen few and let the rest of one's followers be hangers-on, about how one should manipulate the system by 'gaming' Twitter to create a large following rapidly and so on. I don't actually give a hoot what anybody else says or does about this topic and I don't have to. That's the joy of Twitter!

My own philosophy is that I follow very few people who don't follow me back, for news or because they are so amusing I can't bear to abandon them. Everyone else I expect to have two-way traffic with, barring a tiny handful whom I really don't want to follow but I don't mind their following me if they want to. I don't agree that large numbers become impossible to communicate with since, at any given moment one is not communicating with everyone anyway.



My thoughts on this topic are included on the Retweets and Retweeting page


Anyone who would like to meet some new people can ask me to introduce them, at any time, just tweet or DM me that you would like a shout-out. Typically my tweet will go something like "Hey everybody! Have you met @name yet?! A follow is the warmest welcome! :-)" but you can also ask me to tweet specifics, for example 'Looking for others who enjoy quilting' or 'wanting to network with other real estate agents' or 'searching for other rock music fans' and so on.

I have an aversion to tweets with lists of new followers in them so I never tweet them or take any notice of other people's. It is not the fact that they are lists of followers but that they are lists of followers who are not, as yet, known to the person doing the tweeting so that they could be anyone and frequently turn out to be people one would have preferred not to have waste time considering. Some people actually un-follow others who list all their new followers in a series of tweets. I've never gone that far but I have been tempted!

However, receiving lists of people who are known to and recommended by people in the Twitterhood whose judgement I have learned to respect is a very helpful thing and lately I have been joining in with the #followfriday convention based on a brilliant idea that occurred to Micah Baldwin, as documented at: and discussed in full here on the #followfriday page.



Because I can't see the point of one-way traffic, I always follow back anyone who follows me manually. I used to use a service to follow back automatically but found it let just anyone in and I like to be more discerning than that! I find automated DMs off-putting to receive so I don't send them. I particularly dislike an automated DM that thanks me for my follow and immediately tries to sell me something or plug a website before I have even had a chance to get to know my new neighbour (or neighbor!) and decided whether I am interested in what he, or she, does. It comes across particularly badly when one follows back out of courtesy and receives a patronising automated DM thanking one for following and implying that one is now being mentored!

It has been remarked that an automated 'thank you' DM is better than no thank you at all. In my view, the fact that I follow someone back is an expression of my thanks for their follow and I wouldn't want to automatically thank spammers, pornographers or other low-life for following me, since I wouldn't be grateful for their attentions!

As I mentioned earlier, I follow very few people who are not following me, those whom I do follow without reciprocation are mainly for news or other factual content and I regularly un-follow people who have followed me just to get my follow back and then un-followed me again and those who simply want to advertise rather than converse. I am not interested in the quantity of followers in the Twitterhood but I am very interested in the quality of them.

Those who follow me with the intention of getting my follow back and then immediately un-following, those misguided people who think it makes them appear important to be followed by many but only be following a few, will soon discover that I take satisfaction in manually un-following such people within anything from minutes to a maximum of 48 hours, so they have wasted their time as well as mine!

TWITTER HELP Last, but by no means least, there is a lot of very useful information in Twitter's own support array which you can access via Help on your Twitter page.

  If you have, or know of, a Twitter-related tutorial that you think I should include here, feel free to tweet me about it! @linnetwoods







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