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Judy Rey's e-book The Art of Seeing the Divine - Book 1: What Do You See?

@judyrey gives an e-book, The Art of Seeing The Divine Book 1, What Do You See? ($24.95 value) to each day's winner who can gift it to someone else if they have won it before!


The Elevator Trick - A technique for getting off to sleep any time you want to.

@mateoviento has purchased three copies of Linnet Woods' e-book The Elevator Trick as prizes for previous winners to receive in lieu of repeat prizes :-)


Superstition Mountain Print

@midnightskye is giving a 4 x 6 print of her excellent Superstition Mountain photo as a special prize to the winner on Monday 6th July!

Every day that it is possible, @linnetwoods starts the Twitterhood Quiz at 22:00 GMT as nearly as possible. Until we have sailed to our next destination we will not be starting Series 2 but are still doing the quiz on a slightly different basis.

There are 5 questions in total and you have 4 minutes in which to tweet your answer to each question.

Before tweeting each question, @linnetwoods tweets "Ready for the next question? Here it comes!" to let players know that the next tweet will be a question.

You may look up the answers in books, search the Internet, call your local brainiac or obtain the answer in any other way you wish (except asking @linnetwoods! :-) This quiz is for fun and learning - taking it too seriously would be a mistake!

After two minutes have elapsed, @linnetwoods tweets to say that you have 2 minutes left to answer the question and repeats the question at the same time.

When the fourth minute has elapsed, @linnetwoods tweets "Time's up!"

The @name of the person whose correct answer was the first one tweeted to @linnetwoods on the public timeline (i.e. no Direct Messages accepted) is then tweeted, along with the answer, and that person gains 5 points.

The next ready notice and question are then tweeted.

All those who also answer correctly within the four minutes get 2 points each. All those who answer within four minutes, even though their answer is incorrect, get 1 point for participating. Anyone may be late once on any day.

NB Once it is over, you can see who was playing and what their answers (including hilarious ones on a regular basis!) by putting linnetwoods into the search at

While there is no series in progress the quiz is a daily affair instead of a cumulative one and is just for fun but we still have prizes! See the side panels on this page...

N.B.@linnetwoods is the final arbiter in all matters concerning the Twitterhood Quiz.

'Proving' that a wrong answer is correct by sending links to spurious sources won't wash! Websites may call themselves authorities on things but that doesn't guarantee anything! Make sure you search on genuine information sites!

If I make a mistake I will be happy to correct it and am at liberty to hand out a point here and there for hilarity or whatever seems worthy of a free point to me...

When the answer to a question is a name, both first name and family name are required i.e. 'John Smith' or 'John A. Smith' or 'John Andrew Smith' would all be accepted whilst 'Smith' alone would not.

@PaulaBrett (see her blog) gives her great comprehensive blueprint to product creation success, Emergency Surgery: Operation eBook    designed to get you creating your own products immediately, to each day's winner! ($37.00 value) and repeat winners may gift it to whomever they wish!


Each day's winner at the moment is also offered the opportunity to have a linked space in each of three zones at the Twitterhood sponsored by @Suefromque and @mhemig


EasyNoter are giving the incredible EasyNoterPro Personal Information Manager to all repeat winners! As a user of EasyNoter Pro for several years now, I can tell you that this is a wonderful prize :-)


@DanielBrenton gave a unique Twitter background to each daily  winner of the Twitterhood Quiz in the third week of June 2009 (a US$ 49.95 value)! You can view them here... In addition, Daniel was offering the winners his Twitter Package Plus discount price for any other Twitter Package Plus graphics item desired, a saving of as much as $42.80! Learn more at his site, Odd Little Universe !






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